The Sex Position You HAVE to Try This July (Based on Your Horoscope)

​​Curious as to what’s in store for your sex life for the month? Find your sign below to hear what sex position you should be trying this July!

Essentially, you will be ordering your partner around to satisfy both of your needs. Regardless of what sexual act is decided upon, Aries will be in charge. Start by having your partner sit down, and then blindfold them. Proceed to tease them, making them want you even more than they did before. Take off their clothing piece by piece, all the while whispering in their ear about the things you’re going to do to them and all the things you want them to do to you.

Tease them with small sexual acts – lightly brush your hand on their genitals, let them briefly touch your nipple – but nothing that lasts for too long. It’s up to you how you want to end this position – masturbate to completion while they’re still blindfolded so that they can only hear and imagine what’s happening, or engage in penetrative sex by finally sitting on their lap and riding them into blissful oblivion. 

Taurus – The Soft Parade

The key to this position for a Taurus is the willingness to truly explore their body – and if they have one, their clitoris. The clitoris extends inside the vagina and of course, part of it emerges outside of the body. The part of the clitoris that is visible outside the body is only the tip of the iceberg, and this position focuses on exploring all of the parts of the clit can be stimulated.

In order to fully explore the clitoris, it’s necessary to incorporate different angels and different toys. You can start off slow, with a finger. Then transition to something a bit more aggressive, like an insertable vibrator. Press it up against the top wall of your vagina. There isn’t a wrong way to do this position!

Gemini – Face-Off

The Face-Off, also known as the Lap Dance, is one of the most sensual sex positions out there. This position allows for long and cozy sex sessions – something that Geminis may not be accustomed to. The Face-Off focuses on eye contact, making for intense and passionate sex. Never forget that eye contact is hot.

Geminis should start off by having their partner sit on the edge of the bed or a chair. Then sit on their lap, facing them. In this position, a Gemini should wrap their arms around the back of their partner for more security and support. From there, Geminis can control the pace and intensity of every movement. Stare deeply in their eyes to increase the intimacy of the moment. Geminis should also feel free to whisper sweet nothings into their partner’s ear – Geminis love to talk, even during sex.

If they want to go faster or have a deeper penetration, Geminis should have their partner grab their thighs or butt and help them spring deeper into the position. Geminis can always switch this position up a bit by having their partner sit on their lap and have them control the pace instead. This is a simple modification but makes a world of a difference in bed!

Cancer – Sixty-Nine

This sex position is one of the most well-known and popular sex positions, for good reason. This is one of those unique opportunities where both partners receive stimulation and pleasure at the same time. During July, Cancers should focus their romantic energies into pleasuring their partners and this position definitely achieves that and then some.

One person hovers over their partner in such a way that their mouth is by their partner’s genitals and vice versa. This allows for simultaneous oral stimulation. There are also a lot of variations to this position that can really make a difference in the experience. You can switch who’s on top or you can sixty-nine sideways! Always feel free to add in any other additional stimulants to this experience – go ahead and use a vibrator on the clitoris while orally stimulating elsewhere or by utilizing hands for some additional action. This position is for a pair that loves to spoil each other. After all, what’s the point of sex if both partners don’t receive equal pleasure?

Leo – Seated Wheelbarrow

A modified version of the Wheelbarrow, the Seated Wheelbarrow, has the same benefits without the same level of strain needed to maintain the position. To get into the Seated Wheelbarrow, have one partner sit on the edge of a bed or chair. From there, the other partner puts their hands on the floor and straddles their partner. While there isn’t a lot of room for different movements in this position, the Seated Wheelbarrow creates deep penetration that easily makes up for any drawbacks. The uniqueness of this position will help Leos get out of their sexual funk and give them inspiration for new positions to test out.

Virgo – Yab-Yum

Yab-Yum is a core position of tantric sex. This pose allows for deep intimacy and extreme pleasure for all parties involved. In order to get into the Yab-Yum position, have one partner sit down with their legs crossed and have the other partner then sit down on their lap, facing them.

To receive the full extent of the intensity of this position, Virgos should try to match their breath with their partners’. As sex continues, Virgos need to maintain eye contact with their partner, increasing the passion of the moment. Yab-Yum is a pleasurable position for both parties involved and creates a deeper bond for the explosive sex that Virgos are searching for.

Libra – The Snake

The Snake is a slightly modified version of Doggy Style, just a little hotter. One partner should lie down on their stomach, with the option to slightly lift themselves upwards. The key to this position that makes it vastly different from doggy style is that this partner keeps their legs together – in between their partner’s spread out legs. Now the other person gets behind them and also has the option to gently lower down onto their partner’s back or slightly hover over them.

The Snake provides the deep penetration that Doggy Style gives, with an increased ability to touch each other all over. Libras will love this position because of this. They love having the option to fondle their partner or stimulate them elsewhere while having that deep penetration. In July, Libras are bringing the heat, and this position is certainly hot enough to match the needs of Libras.

Scorpio – The Double Circle

This position is all about engaging in self-love and solo-play. Masturbation is one of the best ways for an overworked Scorpio to wind down and relax. The Double Circle is exactly what it sounds like. With one hand, use a finger (or two) to stimulate the clitoris. With the other hand, use another finger to circle the vaginal opening. To receive maximum pleasure, slow down the movements with the hand tracing the vaginal opening. This will be an amazing contrast to the more aggressive stimulation the clit is receiving. It may take a moment to master the movements and different speeds, but will be totally worth all of the work it took to get there.

Sagittarius – Butter Churner

This is a position that requires a lot of exertion, which is a good thing for the overly energetic Sagittarius. Regardless of where they are within this position, it will be a workout. One partner should start off lying on the floor and bringing their legs over their head. The other partner should then squat over them, allowing for penetrative sex to occur. The partner on top is then in control.

When in this position, participants need to use light and gentle movements to avoid injuring their partner’s neck. The benefit of this position is that the feeling of initial penetration can be continuously repeated. The Butter Churner is one of the few sex positions that will be able to tire out even the most energetic Sagittarius.

Capricorn – Mirror

Okay, technically the name of this position isn’t Mirror, but it’s rather incorporating mirrors into a healthy sex life. With Capricorns, in July this specifically means to utilize mirrors while pleasuring yourself. By having a Capricorn use a mirror while masturbating, they are able to visually see what they like and dislike. It can be intimidating at first, but once it’s been used a handful of times, mirrors can bring that extra something to your sex life.

Don’t be afraid to really go for it – Capricorns need to touch themselves everywhere and appreciate every beautiful curve of their body. They’re not usually known for solely focus on their own pleasure in the bedroom, so it’s high time that they begin to zone in on their desires.

Aquarius – Rub-A-Dub

This position is best suited for spontaneous (and consensual) shower sex. Aquarius can surprise their partner while they’re taking their morning shower by joining them. Start off behind them, gently rubbing their shoulders and back. Use your favorite soap and help them get clean. Once things begin to heat up, Aquarius should start washing and moving their hands to other places of their partner’s body. This can be an extremely sensual experience and increase the pleasure by kissing or nibbling their neck.

Where you go from here is really up to each individual Aquarius – you can switch positions with your partner or you could engage in some mutual masturbation! You could also move into penetrative sex or simply tease your partner until the shower is over, leaving them with the urge to continue things elsewhere.

Pisces – Slow-Mo Missionary

Pisces need to relax and stop overthinking their positions in bed. It’s more than okay to stick with an old standby- missionary. Increase the intimacy of the position by literally taking it slow. Lately, Pisces have been refusing to slow things down, so by physically slowing down themselves, their minds will soon follow.

In Slow-Mo Missionary, every movement should be stretched out as long as possible. It will increase anticipation, making the moment of penetration that much more pleasurable. When their partner is fully inside or vice versa, fully take in the moment. Pisces needs to feel every part of their partner and solely focus just on the two of them. Feel free to incorporate some gentle stimulation – lightly brush a hand through a partner’s hair or caress their face. This position is all about slowing down and appreciating the amazingness of the connection between Pisces and their partner.

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